Monday, February 20, 2012


I am super excited about our newest website MouseVENTURES !! I admit, it's a website we have had since 2010, but until now it's not been much of anything. Well all that's changed! We have repurposed the site a little since launching it, so it's kind of like we are re-launching it. The focus has always been Trip Reports from the parks, but when we first launched it we just had a link page full of reports floating on other website and message boards. Now we have decided to host our own Trip Report (you can read it here) as well as creating a place that other folks can host their own Trip Report with us and get exposure with our weekly mailing list.

Our goal is to have our report go out every Wednesday and then all the other people that are hosted go out every other day of the week! Can you imagine!? That's a lot of reporting which will help people planning for their trips and certainly will help those that have never ventured to the parks. We even want people to write reports on the Cruise Line and Adventures by Disney. The latter is something really cool Disney hasn't been doing for long. If you book with that service a specially trained Disney guide will take you on excusions and adventures once you get there and make your vacation one to remember forever! How cool would it be to go to Europe and be guided by one of those Disney cast members? Anyway... so this is our new, if you pardon the pun, venture into what we love doing. It's our way of never leaving the parks. I guess that sounds a little weird, but trust me, a lot of people out there feel the way we feel and they hate to leave those purple signs behind too!

Take a look around and stay tuned. There's a lot more to come in the weeks ahead.

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